How to Build a Tonneau Cover

Currently, the aftermarket industry offers a variety of accessories engineered to unlock the potential hidden in a pickup truck’s bed while helping the truck owner to make this versatile tool a bit more personalized. And tonneau covers are on offer as well (more: However, there are three major disadvantages that the fabricated equipment has when compared to a do-it-yourself thing. The first one is a high price. Secondly, the already customized bed of your truck may put some very special demands concerning the cover, which the factory-made covers simply won't fit. So many of truck owners wonder how hard it can be to make a DIY tonneau cover.
How to Build a Tonneau Cover Before you start, make sure you’ve got the necessary materials. They are:

- C-shape wall brackets for adjustable shelving.

- Metal screws, flush mount.

- Cover material itself. Exterior grade plywood, polyurethane sheets – whatever you can imagine. But keep in mind, the cover has to be corrosion-protected, waterproof, strong enough to deal with the airstream at speed, and simple to work with.

- Tools (clamps, screwdriver, cutting instrument).

- Paint (optional).

Now you’re ready to start

- Before sawing, making holes or doing any other operations that you won’t be able to redo, get the accurate measures of your truck’s bed and figure out how the finished accessory will look like.

- With that done, cut the brackets taking into account the length of the bed walls.

- Install the C-shaped sections to be flush with the top of the bed rails. Use the clamps to keep the brackets in place while fixing them with the screws.

- Cut the cover material. Feel free to divide the final product into two or three sections for a more convenient use. In this case, don’t forget to add the seam supports to keep the sections leveled and ensure improved rain protection.

- Install your new tonneau cover and inspect whether there are any undesirable clearances. They normally result from poor quality of the cutting job and can be fixed by repeating the operation.
- If you’re satisfied with the way the cover sits and slides, it’s time to improve the aesthetics. Remove the cover and use the paint you’ve prepared. It’s in your power to transform the ordinary cover into a stylish accessory. Enjoy your upgraded truck!

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